At Pets in the City, we not only provide services for your dogs, we provide services for your cats too!  We all know cats are more independent and self sufficient than dogs are. But, we also know that when we have that weekend getaway, it's not fair to them to be left alone at home.  We offer drop in visits to spend some quality time with your cats playing, feeding, grooming, administering medication if needed, clean their litter box's and more!  Just let us know what your ideal requirements are and we will follow! 

We will even bring in your mail & water your indoor/outdoor plants! 



  • $15 for 25 Minute visit

  • $26 for 2x/Day 25 at Minutes each

  • $20 for 40 Minute visit

  • No extra fee second cat, 3 -5 cats Add $5 each

  • $10 Additional for Evenings after 5pm and Weekends (Sat/Sun)

  • $15 Additional for Statutory Holidays , $25 additional for visits on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New years Day

  • All pricing + HST

(Prices may be subject to change)

Please feel free to Contact Us for more information.