Sandra Aversa - Owner , Trainer ABCDT, Dog Walker (Burlington) & Pet Care Provider

Some people in life are blessed to be able to do what they are passionate about.  I feel that I am one of those people. Ever since I can remember, I have always felt that there was nothing else I was put on this earth to do but to work with animals, one way or another.  Yes, it took many years to realize what I was to do with them, and geez, I’m still figuring it all out!  That’s half the battle! I LOVE what I do and am so grateful every single day, even when I’m completely exhausted, that I AM one of the lucky ones to do what she loves! 

As a young girl, some of my fondest memories were spent with our family dog Cleo.  A beautiful black Cocker Spaniel.  Although we only had her for a few years, I believe this is where I learned how special it was to earn the respect and love of an animal, and build that loyal bond. She was my companion and my best friend and I will never forget her.  

Growing up, my grandparents always had German Shepherds. Patton….oh my Patton was one of them. In my eyes, the most gorgeous boy in the world and he changed my life.  Sundays not only were the days spent with family at their house, they became the day of the week I looked most forward to.  I couldn’t wait to pull in the driveway to see him waiting there behind the gate with such excitement and joy for me to open the car door and get to him!! I have never felt more loved than I did in those moments and I know he knew just how much I loved him in return!  These scenarios are just a couple examples of what has set the path in my life’s journey that has brought me here today.

I have had many jobs throughout my life, but nothing satisfied me more than my less than minimum wage jobs cleaning cages and runs at Vet Clinics and Boarding Facilities, and volunteering at shelters just to be near these sweet, precious dogs and cats!

It wasn’t until I turned 30 that I literally woke up one day and KNEW what I wanted to do!  I found ABC (Animal Behavioural College) where I obtained my Certificate for Dog Obedience Behaviour and Training.  This is where I really began to understand just how remarkable canines were.  During this time, I volunteered at Oakville Humane Society where I had the great privilege to learn from an amazing mentor and friend, how to put some of my skills into action with shelter dogs.  One of them was a beautiful Chocolate Labrador named Murphy. When I learned he was ready to be put up for adoption, I knew that he needed to be with me and me with him. Now 5 years later, I cannot imagine my life without my boy. I changed his name to Louie and I look at him every day, tell him how much I love him and thank him for changing my life all for the better.

Then there is my Edward. Full name, Sir Edward Muss the First.  I adopted him when he was 4 years old, 9 years ago from Hamilton SPCA.  He lives up to his name and is probably one of the most popular cats that I know as he lives to walk alongside Louie and I on our daily outings around the neighborhood.  This boy loves fresh air, exercise, affection from anyone who will give it to him and…well…hunting.  I love this boy more than words can say!

Incorporating all aspects of Pet Care Services to my business is very important to me. I want to do all that I can do for my clients as we all know that our pets are not just pets, they are OUR FAMILY and we will do anything for them! I am completing my Canine Massage Certification specializing in Therapeutic, Athletic and Senior Canines through Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure & Massage and have also gained Certification for Trigger Point Therapy specializing in the Athletic Dog. 

Every day, I meet amazing people, with amazing families, stories, and even more amazing animals, and I couldn’t feel more blessed! I cannot wait to share all of the new things that I have learned and created with all of you.

Thank you to everyone, friends and family who has supported me and Pets in the City throughout this incredible journey so far and look forward to growing, learning and sharing more with you all in the future.

- Sandra



Lauren Barnett - Animal Lover, Dog Walker & Group Play- Hamilton Only

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For as long as I can remember, I have loved animals.  I remember my second grade teacher bringing her cat into class one day; I didn't learn a damn thing that day, I just followed the cat around trying to force it to love me.  We weren't allowed any pets as kids, so my brother and I designed elaborate contraptions to lure stray cats from our neighborhood - our logic was that if we caught it, Mum would have to let us keep it.  It didn't work.  As a teenager, I rescued stray cats and helped to find homes for them, and cried every time they went home with their new family.  When I finally got a dog, I named him Indy (after the archaeologist), and it was even more amazing than I had ever dreamed.  Now, as an arguably mature adult, my husband and I find ourselves outnumbered by our two cats (one is short and fat; the other has thumbs) and a Great Dane puppy named Winnie - I wouldn't have it any other way.

Animals have always been a passion of mine, so when Sandra suggested I come work with her at Pets in the City, I didn't have to think too hard.  Fresh air, exercise, and all the puppy and kitten cuddles I could handle?  Sign me up!  Whether it's walking, working on new tricks or obedience training, burning off some energy or just hanging out, spending time with our fur-clients has become a highlight of my day.  I hope to meet you and your pets soon!


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