Every day is a scheduling challenge.  Work, kids, appointments, weekdays, weekends... where do you fit in that grooming appointment?  What about that vet visit?  

Pets in the City has the answer.  Our team is ready to help you manage your time and pets.

We know that pets are a beloved part of your family, and that you won’t settle for anything but the best when it comes to your family. Let Pets in the City help you handle all types of pet transport:  when you don’t have an available vehicle, in case of emergencies, transporting your pet to shows, grooming appointments, visits to the vet – whatever you need.

With just one phone call, a caring and qualified Pets in the City Pet Care Taker will escort your pet wherever they need to go. We can even schedule regular visits to the groomer or vet’s office; no more rearranging your schedule or having to take a day off of work!

Pets in the City provides safe pet transportation with vehicles equipped with either a crate or safety belt clips for your pets. 

  • Rates start at $10.00 per pick up or drop off within 5 km of our home to your requested destination. (Rates will very depending on distance)
  • This service can also be included with our Walking Services.
  • $5.00 Additional Mon-Fri after 5pm and Weekends
  • $10.00 Additional Holiday rates will apply
  • All pricing + HST

(Prices may be subject to change)

Please book your appointment at least 72 hours in advance to ensure someone is available for any pick ups or drop offs .

Please feel free to Contact Us for more information.