As a Certified Canine Dog Obedience Trainer & Behavior Consultant, I use only force-free, reward-based & positive reinforcement methods that allow your dog to learn by making the right choices that will condition specific behaviors ultimately desired.  By building a proper canine/human relationship, built on positive interaction and consistency, we can often deter future unwanted behavior problems, facilitate faster learning and even solve some existing behavioral challenges all while encouraging and building a respectful, loving bond between you and your furry family member.

My main goal is to help keep dogs in your family and out of shelters. By teaching you, the guardians simple and functional ways to work with your dogs, I can provide you with the tools necessary to help you to understand your dogs behavior patterns in order to work and learn from each other going forward.

I provide private, in-home lessons as well as my specialty 'Walk & Work ' service where I will work with your dog on a fixed schedule in conjunction with  our regular daily walking routine for additional practice and exercise .  Transfer sessions are provided in order for you to continue with an on-going training & development program with your dog. The personalized training sessions help build confidence in both you and your dog that will create that loving bond we all strive for in our furry family members.

  • Free Initial Telephone Assessment

  • $50 Consultation Fee ( Initial consultations will run approx. 1 hour long)

  • Private lessons begin at $75 per 1 hour session (Number sessions determined by trainer during consultation/assessment)

NOTE:  Private Lessons are limited.  If you have a young puppy & are looking for group classes,or a reactive dog that needs a little redirection, please check out our friends and professional trainers listed on our SUPPORT LOCAL page for more information, class details and start dates.

CONTACT US to set up your FREE initial assessment. (Pets in the City TRAINING services are provided throughout Burlington and Hamilton areas only)