Want to become a CITY Team Member?!  We are always seeking out passionate, animal loving, playful and trustworthy people to join our pack! This is an opportunity to earn money while getting some fresh air and exercise, to hang with some pretty awesome dogs and chill with some cool cats!   If this sounds like something that may suit your lifestyle, please fill out and submit the application below.

Name *
Do you have your Driver's Licence
Do you have your own vehicle
Dog Walking - Dog Boarding (In your home) - Cat Sitting - Pet Chauffeur
Include past/present pets or animal exposure
Ex: Have a FT/PT Job? Stay at home parent? Work from home?
Could be weekly/monthly/annually
A flat buckle collar & 6 ft leash? A flexi? Harness? Martingale Collar? Choke or Prong Collar? Other.
(Needed for Insurance purposes) A Police Check is required to proceed with any hiring position.
Please list your ideal work days/times?
Please describe your home (Ex: House/Condo), pets, family members living in the household, yard, etc.
Note: Only qualified applicants over the age of 21 years of age will be contacted and considered for positions at the times they are required to be filled as needed.
**Pets in the City pack members are required to have a vehicle, mobile phone, computer & printer, criminal police check ( you can obtain this from your local police station), reliable references and most importantly a LOVE of ALL ANIMALS! **
We appreciate you taking to time to complete and submit your application for us!  If you qualify for the position(s) of interest, we will then contact you to arrange a meeting in person.  Please note that our hiring is done only when necessary and there is no specific times throughout the year that are intended for hire.  Please check in often on our website for updates and job notifications.
By submitting the above information, I hereby acknowledge that all information provided on the application of employment is all true to the full extent of my knowledge.  I fully understand that the information contained here will be used by Pets in the City for the sole purpose of consideration for employment and that if found, any false information on this form shall disqualify the applicant from all possible present and future employment with the company at hand.
Sandra Aversa, Owner & Pet Care Provider